Tax Pros: Do you want to boost your SEO and Google Rankings 150x in less than a week?

Tax Nitro launched a fantastic feature to get your listing shared to 100+ listing sites in record time. Normally an SEO play like this would take months to implement and thousands of dollars invested! Not anymore… we’re going to show you how to do it in 7 days or less and at a fraction of the cost. 

Did I mention you will do literally ZERO manual labor?

First let’s explain why having accurate listings will boost your online search ranking across all search engines. You know, those things like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duckduckgo.

Google and other search engines send out these things called “spiders” or “crawlers” to scour the internet and put data together. When your website is found on a Google listing, Google then tries to find that website and match it up with other listings. The more times Google crawls over info about your business that matches other listings, the higher ranked you’ll be when someone searches “Tax Office near me” or “Where to do my Taxes”.

Any tax office can see how valuable this could be when tax season rolls around.

The best part is our software will give you a short form to fill out to collect the most recent and accurate information about your business, and then update or add it to over 100 listings across the internet. You’re going to get 150x the rankings boost. A service like this could normally cost somewhere around $1000 per year.

Within the week your Tax Office’s information will be added, updated, and remembered on as many listing sites as humanly possible. You’ll be able to see the progress of the links including whether they are waiting on something, listed, or pending. You will also get to see if you have any reviews about your business on sites you had no idea even existed before enrolling in our listing service. And yes, your business can pop up and be improperly listed without your knowledge. Updating that information is crucial to getting this boost in search ranking we’re talking about!

Here’s how to get maximum benefit out of your listings. First thing you’ll want to do is check your Google My Business listing to make sure everything on there is listed correctly including website, phone number, address, and all that. You want to be SUPER detailed when you do this. Something as small as spelling out “street” instead of abbreviating “st.” or having 2 different phone numbers can mess with Google’s spiders, and nobody likes messing with spiders… ew.

Once you’re all done go to your Tax Nitro dashboard and click on “online listings” and it’ll walk you through how to sign up for this service and help you collect all the info it needs to spread your listing across the internet. Soon your Tax Office will have so much more reach in your local area! Once it’s complete you’ll be able to see all the listings come to life as they progress through a brief verification process.

How long does SEO stuff like this take to show results though?

Well, if your tax office was to use traditional methods and spend hours researching all the listings, signing up for their service, paying fees, and going through verification on each one… It could take months to start showing results. Not to mention any mistakes made with human error. Remember we said if you do things like spell “Street” instead of “st” on some listings and not others, it will mess with those crawlers! Because all our clients use our service to list you can rest assured that accurate and uniform information will be listed, and we can guarantee it won’t take months to get done.

Once your listings are all done, or even before, we would recommend you try to boost your reviews on Google. How, you ask? Go checkout this article we did on Google My Business on Tax Nitro: 

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