This is the ultimate article to learn the basics of marketing for your Tax Office without paying for leads or advertising!

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • Creating Content
  • Creating a Funnel
  • Automating that Funnel
  • Running your Appointments

Creating Content for Tax Pros

So the main method we’re covering today is creating content. Content creation is a process we do to get our message out there to the world. This can be via social media, email, text message, there are hundreds of ways to spread your message with content. But first we have to have a clear message to send – no one likes a blabbermouth.

Clarifying your message

Message clarity is a phrase that will help identify the problems that you can solve with your product or service. It’s like having a really good sales pitch without being salesy. So here’s a few steps to getting a super clear message so you can create content around the message.

Step 1: What is your offer? It needs to be clear what you offer so there’s no mistrust. It also needs to be a part of your customer’s pain point. What problems is your customer having???

If you want to check out a free training we did on creating the ideal customer avatar go join our Facebook Group for Tax Pros:

Step 2: How does your offer help make the customer’s life easier? You need to make the customer both aware of your service/product and that it will be the right fit for them!

Step 3: How can a customer purchase your problem solving product or service? Give them a clear sign where to buy. We call these CTAs or Call-to-Actions. It’s essentially anything that would trigger a customer’s purchase response. Without it, we are crossing our fingers and hoping someone will take action.

Spend some time and really get your brand message the way you want it. The more you believe in helping people with your service the better all your marketing will be received.

Making the content

Now that you have a clearly defined message it’s time to build tons of content around that message to start marketing for your tax office. The easiest is to get your brand colors, get a few themes you like, and start creating written, picture, and video content around your message. There’s tons of free tools like Canva which can help you if you’re not a graphic designer. You can even sign up for a service like Design Pickle where you can submit ideas that designers will make FOR YOU: here’s our affiliate link if you’re interested!

Design Pickle

Our basic content creation process is to write out a long blog, just like this one, make that blog into a video, and then chop that video up into smaller pieces of content. We even make Instagram and Facebook graphics based around the mini-video content.

Where to post?

Post everywhere! Email your list the content, put it up on YouTube, and build an audience on Facebook and Instagram. TikTok has recently become a strong presence for a lot of companies to gain followers with viral video content.

Just make sure that your post point back to your funnel page or a website where you can collect information!

Creating a Tax Office Funnel (Capture & Communicate)

This is where we have to brag a little, and we’re not even sorry! Tax Nitro is the all-in-one spot for capturing information. It also allows you to further communicate your message via email, text, and phone call. This is where the magic happens. For some of you, it can be tough to ask for a sale while for others selling is the fun part. With Tax Nitro’s automated communications you can make sure you never miss a sale again!

So first we have to create our funnel. To keep it simple we’ll give you a list of ingredients:

  • Domain Name – The website page people will click on.
  • Funnel Steps – Give you their info, make an appointment, check out for services.
  • Form – The form to fill out that captures information.
  • Calendar – A live calendar with your custom availability.
  • Triggers / Automations – Automated emails, texts, or actions that happen in the background.

You have to build it all out which will take less than 5 minutes with our pre-built snapshot you can purchase here:

We’ll even hop on a call with you to help get you all set up and make sure you understand each moving part!

Automating Everything So You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automation is great!

We can automate things like “I want to send an email to anyone who books an appointment with me to confirm 1 hour before their start time”

or… “I’d like to mass email 900 people on my email list who have attended a webinar with me in the past”

maybe even… “I want to send a text to remind people who miss their appointment to reschedule”

The power to communicate on a 1-1 or mass scale with the click of a button is great to have!

We have a whole video library inside of Tax Nitro that will walk you through how to set up triggers and automations. Plus if you sign up for Tax Nitro we have all your new lead/prospect, appointment confirmation, and missed appointment reminders already set up to play with out of the box.

Running Your Tax Service Appointments

This is what YOU are good at, we’ll let you handle it the way you handle it!

Tax Nitro is one of the best marketing software on the market. We want it to be a money faucet that you can turn off and on whenever you want. We’ve had clients book their calendars full in the off-season by sending out a simple email!

Get the powerful all-in-one Tax Office marketing platform, Tax Nitro, today!

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