Tax Nitro features a dedicated conversations channel to help you keep in contact with your customers. Two-way SMS and email communications so you never have to use the office cell phone or a 3rd party app to receive and send text messages to your customers.  With an additional feature to plug directly into your Facebook page you can be sure to keep every interaction with your valued clients in one easy to use location

Two Way Texting

Send and receive texts like you would on a phone! Your clients will never know you were typing on your keyboard from your CRM.

Conversation History

Whether you are sending automated appointment confirmations or manually emailing a client you will always have a log of who said what. You’ll even be able to listen to calls you had last week.

Social media built-in

When you integrate your Facebook, Instagram, or Google accounts all messages from those platforms get dropped right into your conversations tab. No more logging into 4 different websites to run your social media DMs. Just hit reply and start messaging back from Tax Nitro.