Dialer System

Keeping on top of your staff is a crucial part of business. So many tax offices undervalue the importance of being able to listen to how your customers are being talked to. Simple things like are your callers sharing the correct promotional information, are they asking for the appointment and are they asking for referrals? The most valuable part of recording and monitoring your calls is the internal training. You’ll be able to identify any weaknesses and strengthen them to ensure your team is closing more deals and bringing in more customers than ever before.

Never Miss a Lead

By automating your new leads onto a call list you can have your team call through an ever-growing list of new leads to convert them to an appointment or sell them.

Increase Appointment Show Rate

Having a daily list of same-day or next-day appointments to call will help increase your show rate for appointments. Sometimes all people need is a voice on the other side of the phone and they are there for you.

More Sales

Having a well organized call list means you can assign your sales team to high priority leads who are ready to buy. And when that runs out you can set up a list of old leads to recycle through so your team never runs out of work.