How many Google reviews does your tax office have? If you don’t have hundreds upon hundreds of 5 star reviews then keep reading! 

At Tax Nitro we’ve worked with 100’s of Tax Professionals and we’ve found that the ones with the best reviews usually have an easier time come tax season. They also continue to generate income after the big rush! How you ask? We gave them a powerful all-in-one tool to generate tons of reviews with the click of a button.

Google My Business (GMB) has been around for awhile but Google recently has been putting more emphasis on it as far as SEO and it has been in competition with your website’s natural SEO too. You’d be surprised at what optimizing your GMB page can do for Google search health. Part of optimizing the page is getting a healthy flow of reviews coming in. This means your business must generate reviews over a period of time, not all in one day (Google will flag your account for that and look into it).

So, let’s get into a few reasons why reviews are great for Tax Pros and Tax Offices:

1: The Budget vs Trust Factor 

Reviews build trust and that’s a fact. We’re all guilty of it. The last time you shopped around for an item you probably just checked reviews and went with the most trustworthy one that fit your budget right? How many times have you just gone with Amazon’s recommended item because it had 14,000 reviews? Have you ever Googled a restaurant and decided not to go because of mid to low ratings? Trust is a massive factor in making the decision to purchase something, and reviews is an even bigger way to establish trust!

You might be asking yourself: “Wait a minute, I have to build trust before I can get reviews?”

Nope! You can use your email list and import it directly into Tax Nitro and start generating reviews. We have a powerful marketing tool called “drip mode” that works like a leaky faucet. You can drip out a few emails every hour for a week and generate tons of reviews. You can even segment your list so that you are emailing your most recent clients so it’s more genuine. 

With the marketing tools in Tax Nitro you can warm up your clients you haven’t seen you in awhile to help ease them back into doing business with you. Once they are back, it’s time to ask for that review!

So building trust is all about building a repertoire of outstanding reviews!

2: Beat the competition

How many times have you completely ignored 3 other businesses because the 4th one had 100 more reviews? Ask yourself why you did that? You haven’t visited the other 3, you haven’t purchased anything with the other 3, you’re just assuming because they have better reviews that you’ll get a better service. And you’re right!

To be the best in your industry you have to be liked. Before a customer every walks in your door they have formed an opinion of you as a tax professional based on… you guessed it, your reviews! If your reviews are all talking about how much you’ve helped them save money or how professional and timely your service was for them then new customers walking in are going to like you before they walk through the doors (or call in for my virtual tax office pros!)

A huge part of the decision making process is being liked. You need to get people raving on Google about how you helped them file their return, saved them money, and did it professionally. Having that 1st impression helps bring in more referrals and new customers than anything else.

3: Be a Tax Pro

If you’re reading this you’re likely a tax professional. Customers need to see just that, that you’re the tax professional for them. Getting your name out there and being known in your community helps build your reputation. If you’re the most trustworthy and likeable tax office in your area then people will start to know you by name. Once you’re known as the tax guys, the tax gurus, or the tax pros you’ll never have to ask for another referral again! People will be flocking to your office (virtual or brick and mortar) because your google reviews say you can get the job done.

So stop being shy, be who you are, A Tax PRO!

4: Save time and money

Asking for reviews can be a hassle and honestly a little embarrassing sometimes, no one likes to toot their own horn. Plus only 5% of customers who are asked to leave a review actually end up doing it. So then you have to ask again??! No way.

With Tax Nitro we made it simple and easy to request lots of reviews. With the click of a button you can email or text your client who just had a great experience and request a review. There’s no hassle on your end just hit send and watch the reviews come rolling in. You can even customize the message, send your company logo, and pre-generate the review link. Once it’s set you just click a button, type a name, and hit send.

Plus a huge bonus of using Tax Nitro’s marketing suite is that you can manage your reviews all under one dashboard too. Clicking on the reputation tab will let you easily respond to any reviews left on your business page.

Tax Nitro has a live training on how to get this magical reputation management tool set up in under 10 minutes. Once it’s set up, you can teach your staff to send out review requests and get your first 100 5-Star reviews.

Ready to be known, liked, and trusted? Tax Nitro is your solution. 

We have tons of features including automated Google and Facebook reviews which you can track and respond to all from one dashboard!

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