Question: Why does a tax office even need to market, don’t people HAVE to do their taxes?

Answer: Yes, but they don’t have to do them with YOU!

That is some cold hard truth…

BUT if you apply the technique in this post I will teach you how to establish yourself as the number one tax professional in your local market while improving your sales process at the same time.

Let’s get started.

The Notorious Know, Like, Trust Factor

The KLT factor is nothing new, but it’s something that we can apply over and over to all your sales and marketing strategies. My Marketing brain frequently asks : “Do I know this person, do I like them, and do I trust them” when at dinner, in the line for movies, or even when I’m on a phone call. It’s a great tool to keep in your toolbelt for when someone is trying to sell you on something. In reality you don’t need all three of these to sell, although it definitely helps.

Understanding KLT:

To be known you have to get your name out there somehow. So you built a website, got on social media, and you created content weekly! Great start. Did you know there’s one factor that outperforms all those things as far as SEO? (I’ll do the big reveal it in a bit).

To become liked you have to get in the conversation. Facebook groups, networking events, email campaigns, all that good stuff you’re probably already doing. If not then you should message us and check out our done-for-you email campaigns! (You can also ask us about it in our chat box!)

To become trusted you have to provide great service every time. It’s hard to never skip a beat, but that’s how it is when you open up a tax office right? Customer service is a huge decision making factor for a lot of buyers out there. If you have even one negative review on your Google page about your service or how you treat people it can absolutely ruin your chances at bringing in new clientele. If you read to the end you’ll know exactly how to respond to negative reviews to frame them in a better light.

Alright you’ve read enough — time for the big reveal!

Google My Business, specifically reviews, has a huge effect on where people go to do business. So at the end of the year when it’s time to google “Tax Office Near Me” or “Tax preparation near me”, your office needs to be at the top of their list with the most and best reviews in town!

And man o’ man do we have some good news for you. Tax Nitro will integrate your Google Page directly into your account. You can respond to reviews, request reviews, and even automate and simplify the task so it’s quick and easy! Think of the last time you purchased something new on Amazon or tried to find a new restaurant to dine at. Did you pick the one with 89, 3.5 star reviews? Or did you pick the one with 351, 4.5 star reviews?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become the number one tax office in your area!

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Bonus tip – Responding to negative reviews

Negative reviews are going to happen, it’s just part of the industry. Don’t freak out when you get one. It’s actually best to read it, walk away for 10 minutes, take some deep breaths, and come back in a calm state of mind. When you respond make sure to acknowledge whatever problem they had, tell them how you plan to improve or fix it, and offer to invite them back to do business with you. If they come back that’s excellent if not, oh well.

The idea here is two-fold. Number one we want John Smith who left us a bad review to come back and let us make it right. Number two we want Jane Doe who’s reading John’s negative review to see that, as a business, you really care and want to do right by them.