Tax Pros, today we’re going to give you an in-depth guide on how to create and automate your own custom Nurture campaigns in Tax Nitro so you can type them, set them, and forget them!

You’ll save valuable time and money from just this ONE feature in Tax Nitro.

Tax Nitro has a fully customizable marketing campaign builder. You can send out anything from one-off email announcements to long form email drips to keep your tax clients informed throughout the year. The features include the ability to email, sms, voicemail drop, and set custom wait times in case you want to send a communication out on a certain day or specific time.

Here’s How It Might Work For Your Tax Office!

Have you ever tried sending out a monthly newsletter? But 2 months in it sort of… “dies off”. Probably because it wasn’t a priority and you forgot about it right? There’s more important things to set your focus on to generate money for your tax business than an email.

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong.

Email announcements and newsletters are a vital part of your tax office and here’s why:

1 – It keeps YOUR office top of mind year round

2 – It builds trust and expertise with your current clients

3 – It gives customers an excuse to open up a dialogue with you outside of the tax season

Let’s go through some of the common issues a regular tax office might have. Around March/April we start to hit the tail end of Tax season and business dies down. However, you have a small percentage of clients who would come back to you during the year and pay you more just to have tax planning, bookkeeping, credit repair, or potentially any other service you may offer done for them. Without a constant line of communication there’s no way for them to know about those services.

All it takes is one email at the right time to generate more revenue.

“But I don’t want to write an email once a month for the whole year, I’m busy!”

Great you don’t have to!

With Tax Nitro’s campaign builder you can create a 12 step email (or text) sequence that will fire off 1x per month for an entire year! Just write the content, set the timing up, and drop your client list into the campaign.

The Massive Benefits of Using this Tax Office Marketing Strategy:

1 – Client Retention next year. A lot less of your clients “forget” about you and go to the competition when you communicate with them.

2 – More Revenue year round. Tax Offices that splash in their extra services in these emails convert their tax preparation clients into bonus revenue for their other business such as tax planning, business consulting, credit repair, and so forth.

3 – Trust. We mentioned trust before but we can’t stress how important this is. You can do Taxes the fastest, cheapest, or best in the world but all it takes is one off-putting vibe and your customers are going elsewhere. You may not even do it intentionally! But if you build trust your clients will have more rapport with you and get to know you better through your emails.

Will It Take A Ton of Time?

The average time it takes to build a campaign like this can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. If you could invest 1 hour of your time into something that would generate appointments, revenue, and client retention year round, would you do it?

Even if you only booked 3 extra appointments over the course of 1 year that’s on average $300 for 1 hour of work. Plus you can improve these emails with a few clicks and some editing if you see a few that are underperforming.

Of course you can go off and do this strategy on your own without Tax Nitro… But we created Tax Nitro specifically to save you time. Using other software, apps, or programs turns a 1 hour task into a 5, 6, or even 7 hour task as you try to piece together all the marketing apps and software it takes to do what Tax Nitro does on it’s own.

Write your campaigns, upload your contacts, and drop them into the campaign. That’s it!

Ready To Get Started?