Payments & Invoicing

Integrate your Stripe or Paypal account to activate the power of invoicing. You can create, track, and send invoices right in the Tax Nitro dashboard. With customizable terms and agreements you can give your customers the best experience possible.

PayPal / Stripe Integration

Don’t bother with the hassle of a big merchant processor, just integrate with Stripe in a few easy steps after creating your Stripe account. They compete with the best rates for payment processors. PayPal is also a great option for accepting payments and gives your clients an alternative way to pay.


Send and receive payment through invoicing. You can create an invoice for work your tax office has done and email or text it directly to your client. Because you already have their contact in your system it will remember them and keep a history of what they’ve purchased in the past.

Build a Checkout Page 

Funnels and websites are growing in popularity over the traditional brick and mortar. Adding strong checkout pages where clients can purchase products from your business strengthens your business’ ability to generate profit.