Pipeline & Opportunities

Staying on top of your sales process is key to continually growing your tax business. With our opportunities pipeline display you can build and create your customized pipeline and workflow to make sure your leads can move smoothly through to the next step to becoming a new customer.

Client Processes and System

You can use pipelines purely for organizational purposes or you can automate actions that fire off once a client reaches a certain stage in the pipeline. Send documents, get alerts, and many more time-savers are possible with pipelines.

Drag-and-Drop Action

With a few clicks you can drop someone into a new pipeline stage and organize your pipeline at the end of the day. You can assign a client to an employee based on what stage they are in as well.

Won, Lost, Abandoned

You can easily identify which leads have been sold, said “no”, or maybe just are too old to follow up with anymore. Just switch their status to won, lost, or abandoned. Later on you can filter by status to send out marketing campaigns, updated tags, or move them to a different pipeline.