One Plan. One Price. Simple

We’ve made it even easier to get started with Tax Nitro by taking the guess work out of the process.  Our one plan offers our full suite with no hidden or locked features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Started With Tax Nitro?

Just click the join button below this section!  Once you’ve created an account you’ll be welcomed with our getting started tutorial videos to help you set up Tax Nitro for your office(s).

Why Should I Use A CRM?

For most businesses staying on top of your customers and what stage they’re at in the sales process is essential.  With tax offices, mismanaging your customers process from needing paperwork to scheduling them in for filings can mean a big loss is revenues.  With the industry slowly trending down, adding a robust CRM system like Tax Nitro to your business will help you close more customers and grow your client base.

Do I Need Any Other Software?

We always encourage the use of software and tools to help increase your business performance and automation.  With Tax Nitro you get everything in one place.  No need for additional calendar apps, soft phones or email auto responders.

How Many Users Can I Have?

Unlimited users!  We understand that your tax office runs with more than one person.  You can create and manage users all within the settings page of your main account.  Choose what they can see and what they can do to stay on top of everything.

Is There Support Available?

Yes.  We have open support channels directly through a chat and email help desk built right into Tax Nitro.  In addition we have support documents and tutorials available through our support network..

Why Tax Nitro?

Tax Nitro is a CRM built by tax professionals FOR the tax professionals.  With our pre-built campaigns and templates to work from, we eliminate the guess work and give you proven campaigns to close your customers.

Ready To Get Started?

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