Social Media Planner

When you integrate your social media accounts into Tax Nitro you can use the planner to draft, preview, and post content right now or schedule it in the future. Tax offices often neglect social media so we built this tool to help them save time and money. You can bulk schedule your posts and you won’t have to pay additional fees or buy extra software to do so!

Schedule Post

The biggest time saver is scheduling social media posts. When you erase the pesky task of creating, writing, and posting daily it frees up a lot of time to work on your business. Pick a day to create a couple pieces of content, write up the copy, and schedule it.

Preview Post

Figuring out social media on just one platform can be daunting… With Tax Nitro’s social media planner you can preview what your post will look like across any platform you’ve connected. You can even tailor the post to specific platforms.

Save Time & Money

Because we believe your time, energy, and money should be spent on your business we made this feature easy to learn, use, and implement into your weekly routine.