Tax Nitro’s calendar feature has some great functions that we’re going to cover in this blog! Check out the questions we get most asked about our calendar!

Question: Can I block off specific times on my calendar?

Answer: Yes! Business calendars in 2021 need to have the capability. It’s one of the first things we thought of when building it. You’re able to set custom times for availability up to the exact minute. On top of this you can also limit the number of appointments, how much of a buffer time you want between appointments, and how many appointments per opening. The best part of the calendar customization for me is blocking off things like “office lunch” around 12pm or 1pm. You can set blocks of time where you’re accepting appointments, or leave it wide open, it’s totally up to you.

Question: Can I set certain employees to one calendar, and other employees to a different one?

Answer: Yes! We love this feature internally at Tax Nitro. We have client support people who are on a calendar team, and we have sales people on a different calendar team. On each team you create you can add or remove employees at will and their availability will also get removed or added to that calendar. The benefit to this is that you can make sure each employee is getting a fair share of appointments or you can concentrate the bigger sales accounts to your best salespeople. There’s even an option to toggle on “prioritize by availability” or “optimize for equal distribution”. The customizations here are endless! 

Question: Will my Calendar auto-confirm appointments?

Answer: Yes. Both you and the customer will get an appointment confirmation via email. Your customer will have the option to add the event to their personal calendar which cuts down on no-shows and cancellations quite a bit. In addition to the calendar auto-confirming you can also set up automated appointment reminders whenever someone books themselves for an appointment. We have set up an appointment reminder to go off 48 hours, 24 hours, 1 hour, and 5 minutes before the appointment time. You can edit the timings and even expand on what we have preset for appointment reminders.

Question: Can I sync my personal calendar to Tax Nitro?

Answer: If your personal calendar is a google calendar, then yes. 99% of our clients use Google calendars through their gmail account to make personal appointments like going to the dentist or a birthday party. Tax Nitro’s calendars will sync with that calendar as well as check for any conflicts. Let’s say you have a dentist appointment at 3pm on Tuesday, but on your Tax Nitro calendar you have availability from 7am – 6pm. The calendar will remove 3pm from the availability because a time slot has been taken on your Google calendar. This helps cut down on any accidental appointments where you might have to reschedule.

Question: Can customers schedule themselves or do I have to book manually?

Answer: Absolutely yes! We champion for Tax Nitro users to embed their calendars on their website or use our pre-built landing pages with the calendars on them. The biggest relief we hear from Tax Nitro users is that they no longer have to manually make appointments. The entire booking process is automated! If a customer no-shows, you just click “no-show” on the appointment and it moves them to a reschedule campaign automatically. 

Question: Where can customers find my calendar?

Answer: Anywhere you put it! You can embed your calendar on your current website within minutes of creating it. We also have given all Tax Nitro users a pre-built landing page that includes an opt-in page, a calendar page, and thank you page so you can edit the pre-build and make it your own. You can even link your calendar via text message or email.

Question: How can I view my current appointments?

Answer: There’s an entire tab dedicated to the calendar. You can view the calendar of your group teams, individual employees, or just your own calendar. The views you can toggle between are daily, weekly, and monthly as well as being able to cycle through multiple calendars. The other option to view scheduled calls or appointments would be in the “appointments” tab. In there you can see the date they scheduled as well as the requested time and day. Your customers can even add notes to their appointments ahead of time.

Question: Can I brand my calendar page?

Answer: With Tax Nitro’s funnel builder you can create branded pages and place your calendar directly on them. You can even customize them based on Desktop or Mobile view!

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