So, you bought or built your website and spent a good amount of time and money on it.

But, what’s the website’s objective?

To inform or to convert?

Informing is great! But it stops right there, they get informed, then THEY make a decision. It kind of takes the power out of your hands as a business. Don’t you wish there was a way to get them to message you so that you could get them on the phone, on text, or in person and then you can close the sale?

You can increase your conversions by installing a Chat Widget directly on your site (just like the one in the bottom right of our site)

Benefits of the Chat Widget

Missing Out on Website Leads?

With Tax Nitro’s Chat Widget you can set up a chat widget and funnel all your website leads to your conversations tab! You can set up self notifications so that you get a text message any time someone chats with you on your site.

More ROI on Advertising!

So stop wasting your advertising dollars, your time and energy posting content, because without a way to communicate with them how can you possibly plan to convert that person into a tax customer?

Convert More Effectively!

Studies have proven that if someone lands on your site and messages you they are more likely to be in a buying state of mind. That state of mind will fade if you’re not able to act fast, which the chat widget allows you to do!

Let’s Talk About Attention!


When you have someone’s attention, and I mean truly have their attention, you can basically take the conversation anywhere right?

Well imagine someone took their time and energy to google you, or found you on social media, or clicked on an advertisement, and they’ve landed on your website. The very next thing they are going to do is research you!

They are going to see if they trust you enough to do business with you, right?

Every person does this in any of our decision making processes.

Would you say a person who has done their research on a business and decided to make contact with them is an easy or hard sale?

Easy, hands down!

The question is… HOW to make contact? And not only how, but also which form of contact will get them what they want the fastest? Nothings turns off a customer like getting sent to voicemail or an email not getting returned for 48 hours!

The Chat Widget is a great way to capitalize off of the attention you already earned. You can even customize a notification to get sent to your cell or email when you receive a chat widget text.

The more avenues a customer has to contact you, the easier it is for you to get in contact with them and book an appointment or make a sale.

This method works no matter what! If you have a WordPress website the chat widget will integrate with a single plugin. All you have to do is set it up with your picture, and a customized chat message and you’re all set. The chat widget will even automatically collect their name and number so you can store their info in your contacts for later if you aren’t available to chat.

Don’t have a website? No problem! You can create a Website easily with Tax Nitro’s website builder. Just hop over to our website tab and click on “create a new website”.

You can keep it simple or get as advanced as you want. The best part is you can integrate forms, calendars, and two step order forms right into your site so that you have it all in one place.

Once your site is done just attached a domain name to it and go ahead and integrate your chat widget right in.

In 2021 there’s no excuse to not give your customers the option of a live chat widget to get in contact with you!

Ready To Get Started?