Workflows & Automations

Leverage intelligent action based workflows to automatically add or remove a customer from a campaign. Make pipeline stage changes based on a lead’s activity or move clients from one pipeline to another to start sending them referral promotions after they’ve filed. You can truly build a completely automated customer management machine with Tax Nitro workflows.

Automate the Little Things

One of the biggest time savers is automating all the little things that suck up your time in the office. Manually sending appointment confirmations is a thing of the past. If there’s a task your employees hate doing, remove their frustrations by automating it and let them spend their time more effectively.

If/Else Logic

The Tax Nitro workflows are intelligent enough to work with logic. You can tell the system to send directions if a client books an in-person appointment or a zoom link if they book a virtual one! The possibilities are endless.

Facebook Ad Automations

Integrate your Facebook Account with Tax Nitro to unlock multiple features, such as adding or removing them from Custom Audiences to capturing leads directly from your advertisements.